Why I’m Throwing Away My Stilettos


I think I warned you in the beginning.. this blog will be about anything and everything. If it is on my mind, it is going to come out of my fingertips and pass in front of you.. (Hey, at least I tried to make the blog look pretty!!)

I have insomnia, plus I’m a workaholic, so.. I just rolled out of bed. It feels good to be able to get up on a Sunday morning at 10:30 am and not have to worry about feeding the kids, going to the grocery, etc.. I’m lucky, my daughter is an adult. She’s going to be 22 this week.

Anyway, I digress.. So, I woke up way past the time that I know my friends with little ones get up. I should feel great, I should feel ready to take on the world. But, oh no, my damn foot hurts. Why does it hurt you ask?? (oh, you didn’t ask, but I’m going to tell you anyway).

I have Haglund’s Deformity.. better known as a pump bump. I could show you some pictures (not of my foot of course LOL), but they aren’t what you would call Sunday morning brunch appropriate.

I figure most people know what a heal spur is and how it hurts on the bottom of your foot? Well, a pump bump is on the back of your foot.. it is where your  Achilles tendon connects to the heel. We wqmen, in our pursuit of what.. to be taller, prettier, sexier.. I don’t know, have been squeezing our feet into higher and higher heels, walking around all day long like we ‘got this’ and then coming home and limping through the house when no one can see us.

Sure, there are going to be some of you that say, I love my heels, my feet feel better when I where heels, etc.. and I believe you, because you have shortened the tendons in your feet and legs by wearing heels for so long. Those tendons protest when you try to go without the support they have become used to.

But I prefer not to put on high heels when I wake up on Sunday morning. They don’t look that great with my red flannel nightgown that has a puppy on the front of it, and for the moment, I have no intentions of putting on anything else today (I’m still on my first cup of coffee.. nothing major will happen until I’m at least on cup 4).

How did the bump occur? Years of wearing heels, shortening my tendon and the hard back of the heels rubbing on that bony area. Now I have a ‘bump’ and it hurts like hell. It has gotten to where it hurts all the time. I can go have it cut off.. but I’m not too keen right now on having carpentry tools near my foot.

I work in an office where i have to have a Dr’s note to wear sneakers. I’m getting that note on Tuesday.. I’m just done. I don’t care if I am short and fat.. putting on 5 inch heels just makes me a little taller and tat. Oh, and I can call myself fat, you can’t. Keep that in mind.

Do I really care what other women in the office think of my shoes? No.. I figure they are like me, they might notice a pair of cute heels, compliment the wearer and then move on to the next thing. They are not going home and thinking, “Damn.. Dana looked awesome in those shoes today!” They are more likely thinking, “Damn, my feet hurt.” I know their feet hurt, because I see them, and they see me, walking around late in the day with our shoes kicked under their desk. I see their bunions, I see their pump bumps, and I occasionally see that little limp that we all do.

In my Leonie Dawson Create Your Incredible Year Workbook and Planner, there are several pages about what I want to change, how I feel and what I want to do differently. I’m usually the slow one to catch on to hot stuff.. So I just bought the 2013 version.. but I have my gel pens and I just mark the 13 out and put in a 14.. this downloadable planner and work book is meant to be all messy and written on. So, I don’t think Leonie would care.. heck, she put it on clearance so i would be more apt to buy it. The art is amazing, very calming and soothing.. hand drawn and painted with soft beautiful colors. I just pulled it out and turned to the page where it has what I call the ‘real woman drawing’ of me. It is a simple drawing of a woman’s body.. soft hips, normal waist line, chubby thighs and a little duck footed.


It says: How my body feels right now. I pulled out my stampin’ up red riding hood pen and drew a line to my heel.. and I wrote, hurts like hell. I flipped the page to the next soft body drawing and it wants to know how I want my body to feel.. another red riding hood line was drawn and said “No Pain!”


How do I achieve that? Tossing those heels. It will be hard… I love them all. I have a lot of time, money and emotion invested in those shoes. But much like an abusive partner.. they got to go. I’m not promising that I’ll throw them all away today. My hoarding tendencies tell me to at least donate them.. but why do I want the curse of a pump bump to fall on another unsuspecting woman? Today.. I will get rid of one pair. One pair a day will help me cut that cord without crying over the garbage truck taking my shoes to the landfill tomorrow.  One pair in the trash per day.. I can do that.

Go ahead and check out Leonie.. she’s wonderful. She just wants you to be as beautiful as we all know you can be.




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  1. LOL! I completely feel your pain. I tossed mine many years ago. I now have problems with my back, joints, feet-you name it I have it. I now only wear super supportive shoes that of course come with a high price tag. I do dread the days when I have to dress up and HAVE to wear the 1 pair of heels I have left.

  2. Ouch! After having my babies, I gave up wearing heels. Too much trouble….plus some how my feet went from narrow to “border-line” wide. I do have a low heel shoes for dinner dates….which reminds me….I am long past due for one! lol

  3. Totally agree! I would never sacrifice comfort for high heeled shoes. I was never a fan of it. I usually wear flats or pumps (not higher than 1 1/2 inch) to work. On casual days, I wear my trusty sneakers and it is pure HEAVEN. 🙂

  4. I rarely wear anything other than running shoes. My job has me chasing a 4 year old and I am a runner, heels do not work for that. I used to wear them daily though, miss them on occasion and will wear them for about 5 minutes until I remember how awful they are even if they do look good. Get running shoes, they are more comfortable.

  5. There was a period in my life when I wanted to wear heels all the time, it has faded..and now, thanks to this article, it’s gone 🙂

  6. My mom and grandma have horrible feet from a lifetime of high heels. So I grew up in fear of ruining my feet and being in pain like them. I only wear high heels for parties and events, and thankfully I manage to keep my feet safe almost any other time.

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