It’s Called Work, Not Playing on the Internet


I know many of my fellow bloggers will understand what I am saying. I’m working, I’m not playing. I’m researching, I’m not surfing. I’m engaging, I’m not gossiping. I’m not playing on the internet… I’m working.

Some get it, some don’t. Those family and friends that understand, they will respect my time on the computer, Those that don’t understand, they think I’m just playing, I can be interrupted over and over, I am here to chit chat, I am there to get what they need, let them try the products free, give, give, give.. and they will take, take, take.

I have a full time “day job” in social services. I have approximately 45 minutes each way that I have to commute. I’m out of the house at 7am, I get back home at 5:30pm. That is if there is no crisis, not mandatory overtime, no staff needing one on one assistance. A good day is being home at 5:30, eating supper, and getting to work on the ‘other jobs’ by 7:30pm.

I’m a consultant for several companies, Thirty One Gifts, Younique, Stampin Up, Jewelry in Candles and an affiliate for Leonie Dawson. I blog, I tweet, I post, I update fan pages, I message, I email and I drink a lot of coffee to get it all done.

Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do.. but I just don’t think others around me always get it. I don’t think they realize that I’m falling into bed at 1am because I’ve been working.. I’ve not been playing on the internet. I’ve not been wasting time. I’ve been trying to earn a little better living that what I have right now. I want something.. something for me. I want to be successful and I want to enjoy myself while I am doing it. These are my stepping stone, my due paying, my winding path.. let me find it. Let me explore it without discontent and snide comments. 

Did I spam your facebook because you had two Younique posts show up in one day? Well, I didn’t mean to spam you, you do know that you can hide my comments, correct??? It won’t hurt my feelings, I’ll never know.

Did you get an email from a company I represented? I didn’t mean to clog up your inbox with my one message. Did you know that you can just click unsubscribe at the bottom? Again, I won’t know it.. it won’t hurt my feelings.

Did I message you with a new product and idea? Don’t ignore me. If you aren’t interested, just tell me No. It gives you confidence to protect your time, and it gives me confidence to move on to the next person. If you don’t tell me that you aren’t interested, then I don’t know!

Did I bother you when I gave you a catalog? Remember those 2 bridal parties, 3 baby showers and 4 birthday party invitations you sent me? I’m not demanding you buy anything from me, I only want to show off my proud moments, share my ‘babies’ with you like you have with me. I bought you gifts out of love, with that same love, i would like you to let me talk about stuff I like. 

Do I want anything out of you? Yes, I want respect and honesty, just like I have given you. 


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