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Younique Monday Freebie


It’s Monday.. BOO MONDAY!!! So.. I thought we needed to do a Monday Freebie!

You have heard me praise Younique, the all natural makeup that I am currently using, so let’s have a party and get you a freebie!!

As I’m building my Younique Kit (which we all know means that I’m getting all the goodies I can get my hands on), I’ve found one particular tool that I have fell in love with. The crease brush. 



The crease brush is fabulous for applying the eye pigment in just the right spot. The bristles are soft and supple and hold just enough product. It glides the pigment on to your eye smoothly and evenly.. 



Here is the link to the product for you to take a look at it yourself: 



So.. how do you get yours free?? Simple, host a Younique Facebook Party. You invite your friends, I do the rest of the work!  


We tailor fit our parties to last according to your needs, 3 days, 5 days, or 10 days. Regardless of the time length, you and your guests will still get the full product preview, games and MORE freebies!!!

There are two ways to sign up for a party:

Click this link and fill it out, it will send me the info:


Or leave a comment with your facebook information and let me know that you want a party!!! What do you have to lose? A little girl time? A free Crease Brush? Even more freebies with a qualifying party? Finding and falling in love with a healthy new product?

Give me and my Younique life a try, you might like us!