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How Many Frogs Are You Going To Eat Today?


Have you heard the new phrase going around the net “Have to go eat my frogs”??? What in the world are these people talking about? I’m from the south, we eat frog legs… wait, let me correct that, some southerners eat frog legs. I don’t. I’ve seen them fried before, and those little legs jump all around the pan. It just looks too alive for me to touch LOL!! Gross. So, I kept thinking, what is it, why are all of these people talking about eating frogs??? 

Turns out, a frog is the yucky thing that you don’t want to do. It is your To Do list for the day. Put the hardest things to swallow in the front and get them out of the way. Those of us that love planners, want to make them pretty, use our stickers, post-it notes, washi tape, etc.. well, we get more absorbed in getting those to do lists pretty than actually doing them. So, time to suck it up and eat your frogs. Once they are done, you can go on to the more fun things in life.

The frogs that I have to eat today:

  • Complete 3 case reviews for my day job
  • Organize my desk
  • Clear a shelf and get all of my catalogs (thirty one, younique, stampin up) organized (DONE!)
  • Post on my thirty one boot camp group to give my downline staff their tasks for today.
  • Color my hair (trust me.. don’t put a little pink in your hair while on vacation just for fun.. it might stick like glue and 4 months later it might still be there. Our department commissioner is coming for a visit tomorrow, this pink has to be GONE!)
  • Find 5 outfits for work, I don’t feel like fighting it every morning this week. 
  • Start my vacation to do list (and then eat that frog in a few days!)

Tomorrow, I’ll come back.. let’s see how many of these frogs I eat before bedtime! 

How many frogs do you need to eat???