It’s Called Work, Not Playing on the Internet


I know many of my fellow bloggers will understand what I am saying. I’m working, I’m not playing. I’m researching, I’m not surfing. I’m engaging, I’m not gossiping. I’m not playing on the internet… I’m working.

Some get it, some don’t. Those family and friends that understand, they will respect my time on the computer, Those that don’t understand, they think I’m just playing, I can be interrupted over and over, I am here to chit chat, I am there to get what they need, let them try the products free, give, give, give.. and they will take, take, take.

I have a full time “day job” in social services. I have approximately 45 minutes each way that I have to commute. I’m out of the house at 7am, I get back home at 5:30pm. That is if there is no crisis, not mandatory overtime, no staff needing one on one assistance. A good day is being home at 5:30, eating supper, and getting to work on the ‘other jobs’ by 7:30pm.

I’m a consultant for several companies, Thirty One Gifts, Younique, Stampin Up, Jewelry in Candles and an affiliate for Leonie Dawson. I blog, I tweet, I post, I update fan pages, I message, I email and I drink a lot of coffee to get it all done.

Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do.. but I just don’t think others around me always get it. I don’t think they realize that I’m falling into bed at 1am because I’ve been working.. I’ve not been playing on the internet. I’ve not been wasting time. I’ve been trying to earn a little better living that what I have right now. I want something.. something for me. I want to be successful and I want to enjoy myself while I am doing it. These are my stepping stone, my due paying, my winding path.. let me find it. Let me explore it without discontent and snide comments. 

Did I spam your facebook because you had two Younique posts show up in one day? Well, I didn’t mean to spam you, you do know that you can hide my comments, correct??? It won’t hurt my feelings, I’ll never know.

Did you get an email from a company I represented? I didn’t mean to clog up your inbox with my one message. Did you know that you can just click unsubscribe at the bottom? Again, I won’t know it.. it won’t hurt my feelings.

Did I message you with a new product and idea? Don’t ignore me. If you aren’t interested, just tell me No. It gives you confidence to protect your time, and it gives me confidence to move on to the next person. If you don’t tell me that you aren’t interested, then I don’t know!

Did I bother you when I gave you a catalog? Remember those 2 bridal parties, 3 baby showers and 4 birthday party invitations you sent me? I’m not demanding you buy anything from me, I only want to show off my proud moments, share my ‘babies’ with you like you have with me. I bought you gifts out of love, with that same love, i would like you to let me talk about stuff I like. 

Do I want anything out of you? Yes, I want respect and honesty, just like I have given you. 


How to Set Up and Host a Successful Facebook Event Part 1


This will be a several part blog in which we talk about Facebook Events. We will start with the basics of setting up an event, hosting the event, promoting the event, and finally.. how to successfully close the event! 

Social Media is slowly, but surely taking over the ‘home party’ market at the new and innovative way to have direct sales parties. While many of us still enjoy getting together for a Girl’s Night Out and having a fun in home party, our schedules, our commitments, and our families sometimes make it impossible to get together for a night out with our friends.. so here comes the virtual party!

This segment is going to be a step by step tutorial to get your event set up on Facebook. I have selected Jewelry in Candles for this event.

1: Go to your Facebook Profile, look to the left under your profile picture and you will see the event link: 




2. Click the little EVENT tab and it will take you to a new screen with a calendar. This will show you all events that are going on and that you have been invited to participate in. Right under you notifications, you will see a tab that says, “Create Event”, click it.



3. When you click create event, you will get a pop up (make sure you have your pop ups enabled). 


4. Fill out the pop up.. give it a snappy title, tell your guests what the event will be about. If this is coinciding with an at home event, post the address. Give it a date and make the decision if your guests can invite their own guests. It should look something like this. When you have it filled out, click “Create”


5. You will then be taken to your event page. 


6. It is a little bare looking, so let’s dress it up a little by adding an event picture. To do this, locate the tab that says “Add Event Photo”


7. You can either use a photo that you already have on Facebook or you can upload a photo. I’ve decided to upload a photo.



8. Once your have your photo just like you want it, click save changes. I recommend adding a photo because it makes your event look more official and less ’empty’. 


So, now your event is created.. tomorrow we will talk about getting your event ready to invite your guests and some of the pros and cons of having an online event. Stay tuned!!!

Vacation All I ever wanted Vacation Had to get away Vacation….


I bet those of you that are 80’s girls will know exactly where that title came from!!!!! My vacation, all I ever wanted (at least for the last 6 months!) has officially started.

I work for the Department of Children’s Services as a supervisor. My days are filled with endless intakes, case readings, pictures, staffings and conversations about child abuse and neglect. I try very hard to ensure that all of my staff takes ample vacation time, burnout is a huge risk in our job.. and balance (that’s what I call it) between our work and our real lives is something that I promote to my staff all the time.

So, now is my time to balance out. Two weeks without discussions of child abuse, not having to debrief on neglect, not having to read a case, not having to make that decision of who to assign a case to and no one minute of checking work email. I’m not going to lie, I’m a workaholic and this is going to be hard for me. So, I’ve made out a plan:

Saturday 11/2: I’m going to put the finishing touches on my Be Younique With Dana facebook page. Take a peek, it’s very new… a work in progress, be kind LOL

Sunday 11/3: I’m going to be setting up new Younique parties (remember, I’m giving away a free crease brush for any hostess this month!!!)

Monday 11/4:.. that’s too far away…. I’ll stay busy this weekend and then figure out on Sunday night what I am going to do on Monday LOL!!! 



Younique Monday Freebie


It’s Monday.. BOO MONDAY!!! So.. I thought we needed to do a Monday Freebie!

You have heard me praise Younique, the all natural makeup that I am currently using, so let’s have a party and get you a freebie!!

As I’m building my Younique Kit (which we all know means that I’m getting all the goodies I can get my hands on), I’ve found one particular tool that I have fell in love with. The crease brush. 



The crease brush is fabulous for applying the eye pigment in just the right spot. The bristles are soft and supple and hold just enough product. It glides the pigment on to your eye smoothly and evenly.. 



Here is the link to the product for you to take a look at it yourself:


So.. how do you get yours free?? Simple, host a Younique Facebook Party. You invite your friends, I do the rest of the work!  


We tailor fit our parties to last according to your needs, 3 days, 5 days, or 10 days. Regardless of the time length, you and your guests will still get the full product preview, games and MORE freebies!!!

There are two ways to sign up for a party:

Click this link and fill it out, it will send me the info:

Or leave a comment with your facebook information and let me know that you want a party!!! What do you have to lose? A little girl time? A free Crease Brush? Even more freebies with a qualifying party? Finding and falling in love with a healthy new product?

Give me and my Younique life a try, you might like us!

How Many Frogs Are You Going To Eat Today?


Have you heard the new phrase going around the net “Have to go eat my frogs”??? What in the world are these people talking about? I’m from the south, we eat frog legs… wait, let me correct that, some southerners eat frog legs. I don’t. I’ve seen them fried before, and those little legs jump all around the pan. It just looks too alive for me to touch LOL!! Gross. So, I kept thinking, what is it, why are all of these people talking about eating frogs??? 

Turns out, a frog is the yucky thing that you don’t want to do. It is your To Do list for the day. Put the hardest things to swallow in the front and get them out of the way. Those of us that love planners, want to make them pretty, use our stickers, post-it notes, washi tape, etc.. well, we get more absorbed in getting those to do lists pretty than actually doing them. So, time to suck it up and eat your frogs. Once they are done, you can go on to the more fun things in life.

The frogs that I have to eat today:

  • Complete 3 case reviews for my day job
  • Organize my desk
  • Clear a shelf and get all of my catalogs (thirty one, younique, stampin up) organized (DONE!)
  • Post on my thirty one boot camp group to give my downline staff their tasks for today.
  • Color my hair (trust me.. don’t put a little pink in your hair while on vacation just for fun.. it might stick like glue and 4 months later it might still be there. Our department commissioner is coming for a visit tomorrow, this pink has to be GONE!)
  • Find 5 outfits for work, I don’t feel like fighting it every morning this week. 
  • Start my vacation to do list (and then eat that frog in a few days!)

Tomorrow, I’ll come back.. let’s see how many of these frogs I eat before bedtime! 

How many frogs do you need to eat???



Younique Fiber Lashes Review


WOW! What a week! I’m worn out, what about you? I’ve been super lazy today.. but didn’t want to get in my “I’m too tired to blog” mood.. that has historically destroyed every blog that I have ever started. So, today, we are going to talk about my favorite ‘spoil me’ item: Mascara.

Due to skin issues and a gluten allergy, I’ve been on the hunt for safer, more natural makeups. I’m hooked on Younqiue. So.. where we go, hang on!!!

Like most women my age, I cut my ‘makeup teeth’ on Maybelline. We all had that big pink mascara tube didn’t we??? Huge Brush, gave us the big lashes we wanted, gave us that look like liked!! We all made sure to get the waterproof so that our big luscious lashes wouldn’t end up down in our bras during the July heat! Those of us that are 80’s teens, we know our makeup!

As I got older and my skin became more sensitive, I had to start looking for other products. I’ve tried them all: Maybelline, Almay, Bare Minerals, Loreal, Avon, Mary Kay, you name it.. I’ve slathered it on my face and pumped my thin, invisible eyelashes with it!

With a little more maturity and curiosity, I started reading product labels and searching out ingredients. This is the ingredient list of the last mascara I used:


 And here is the result with 3 coats (note to self.. I’m not good at selfies LOL)



This met a need.. until I wanted less chemicals and more lash. I am the type, If I was a celebrity and had someone come in and put on false eyelashes on me everyday. Sitting here, in my pj’s, with doggy on the front, I would have lashes so long that they would flutter against the computer screen while I type!!! 

On to the next, and final product that I’m using. I’m sold. I found Younique Fiber Lash and I’m hooked!!! First thing I did was look at the ingredient list:

It is a 2 part system, so there are two ingredient lists:

Transplating Gel Ingredients: collagen, water, natural Propolis, Brazilian palm glue, Black iron oxide, Acrylic Copolymer, Nylon 12, Stearic acid, propylene glycol/emulsifier. 

Natural fibers Ingredients: 100% natural fibers taken from the campanulaceae of green tea. 

This is my second selfie with 2 coats of fiber lashes (yes, I know that you shouldn’t wear blue mascara with blue eyes.. but I was feeling a little hippish that day!)



 Can you see the difference? Yes, my lashes are much fuller and longer.. but the thing I noticed is that the whites of my eyes are much brighter. These photos are not edited except to crop so that I don’t scare you to death with my whole face!  I’ve been using the Fiber Lashes for several weeks now, and cannot imagine going back to the other mascara. 

I believe in this product. I can tell the difference in my pictures, but more than anything, I can tell the difference in how my eyes feel. I have no itching, burning or redness after applying the mascara. 

For the remainder of this month, I’m running a special. If you buy the fiber lashes, you will get a free eye pigment mailed to you from me. I’m doing this because someone that is a negative nellie said that I couldn’t sell 10 sets of the fiber lashes. Hmm.. really. I think people that say stuff like that are really people that are afraid and don’t want to step out of their comfort zone to try something new. I say, take a chance.. what do you have to lose? The product is returnable if you don’t like it. Give the mascara away if you don’t like it and use the leather case as a eye glasses case…


So.. are you brave enough to take a chance???

The Dark Side of Direct Seller Groups On Social Media


Social Media has given the direct seller a whole new customer base. It has allowed us to reach customers that would not normally know our companies exist! It is an exciting time to be a direct seller with places like Facebook and Twitter!

It has also given us a place for direct sellers to get together and grow our businesses together. We cross train, we build friendships and we share our products with each other. In today’s direct selling market, you may never know your upline on a personal basis. For instance, I signed up with Stampin’ Up to be a consultant because I’m a scrapbooker and I wanted the discount. I signed up online and don’t have a clue who my sponsor is. She is someone in my home town, but I don’t know her. And honestly, I don’t really care to meet her. I’m not in this business to make money, but rather to feed my addiction and get a discount while doing it!

My Thirty One Gifts Director, she’s my online friend. We have been friends forever.. but only online, we’ve never met face to face. She lives far away…

My Younique upline.. same thing, friend from online.

So, these groups are a blessing for those of us that want to connect, learn and share together.. but there is a dark side also.. the ‘game board’. I’ll admit, I’m a game board addict, I love them. It is the gambler in me. It’s like playing the lottery and knowing you will always get a prize!

Here is how it works:

You have a closed group of direct sellers. You play games that are of a certain value. They usually start at $150 and go up to $600. For each game, there are usually 3 winners: Consultant, Hostess and Free Pass.

Consultant is the direct seller who represents the company that wins.

Hostess is the person that is ‘hosting’ the virtual party and get the hostess rewards (if you are not familiar with direct selling companies, most give incentives to hostesses based on the sale amount of the party).

Free pass.. you lucked out, you don’t have to pay!

Then, based on the cash total of the party, you, being the gambler, buys a spot. These spots can cost from $10 up to $50.. depending on number of participants and number the total party goal. Let’s say that I’m joining a $200 game. There would be 23 spots that cost $10 each: 1 hostess, 1 consultant, 1 free spot, and 20 buyers. Everyone picks a number and makes a commitment to purchase $10 in products from the winning consultant.

You pick your numbers, you hold your breath, you wait for the drawing.. and this is the important part. You want to make sure that you are in a reputable group that has an independent ‘drawer’, the person that enters the names and numbers into a one of the online randomizer sites. It the Drawer needs to know that the site needs a time stamp on it. They need to be impartial. There needs to be trust.

The results are posted and the celebrating and partying begins! Those that won, they reap the rewards of our addictive personalities. We all have our own little hiding place at home where we hide our purchases. Little boxes of the most unique and awesome little gifts that our family members will get this Christmas.

At at that point, while 99% of us are celebrating, there is that 1%.. that negative nellie, debbie downer, party pooper 1%. They are the ones that will be very upset that they didn’t win the party. They will be shocked that they actually have committed to make a purchase at a company that they don’t like. They loved the odds until the odds didn’t fall in their favor.

They will complain, they will trash the company that won. They will send messages to everyone that the party was rigged, that the winner is a favorite of the admin. The worst ones, they will slip out of the group without making their purchases. They will leave the consultant and hostess hanging.. without that purchase, the hostess might not get the hostess credits!

More often than not, those debbie downers will go off and make their own group. They will pull in their unsuspecting direct selling friends and talk up what a great way to have fun and make money that this game stuff is! And inevitably, they will win the first game on their site.. the second game, they will win the hostess. They can’t seem to figure out how to load the time stamped screen shots of the drawing… a little glitch in their computer, or they forgot to capture the image or they didn’t know they were supposed to do that!

They rig, they win, they rig, they win.. but in the end, they lose because slowly, but surely, their names are passed around the social media groups. They become known as the non payers, the cheaters. Their business suffers for it, and they are left wondering, “Why didn’t I just buy the $10 tupperware bowl?”